The Marriage Material Test

November 11, 2010NewsComments188 Views

By Souleo So you think you've found the one and you're reedy to say your vows. Well before you go signing a prenuptial agreement and all that let's stop, think and take the Marriage Material quiz. JimmyJazz.com got tips from the cast and creator of the aforementioned play and you'll definitely want to see if you pass the test before saying, "I do."


You know you're marriage material when:


Tank: You've learned to let go.


ReShonda Tate Billingsley: You are willing to give what you expect to get.


Je'Caryous Johnson: You think of others before you think of yourself.


You know you're not marriage material when:


Tank: You still holding on.


Jill Marie Jones: You and your girls are trying to get plane tickets and hotels to Super Bowls and NBA All Star Weekend and you have a man at home.


ReShonda: You aren't willing to compromise and still have a little sowing of wild oats. Get all that out your system so you can focus on what really matters once you find that person who is marriage material.


So did you pass the test?



November 11, 2010NewsComments188 Views