Marsha Ambrosius: Flying Solo and Loving It

November 2, 2010NewsComments175 Views

By Souleo Although all good things must come to an end, sometimes that end is way too soon. Such was the case with the end of the soul duo, Floetry. With their balance of poeticism, sensual grooves and Marsha Ambrosius' impressive voice and songwriting they made a distinctive impact at the height of neo-soul. Songs like "Say Yes," "Getting Late," and the Michael Jackson hit, "Butterflies" remain pleasurable songs for lovers. Fast forward a few years later and now Marsha is aiming to establish herself as a solo artist. JimmyJazz.com caught up with her to learn how the music industry led her to gain weight, how she's not allowing her 70 lbs. weight loss to give her extra pressure and the excitement of flying solo.



On how the music industry's fast-moving pace contributed to her weight gain:


Anyone can relate to the grind. It's me working as late as possible be it shows, interviews or traveling and waking up and doing it all over again. In that element recording I didn't see me gaining the weight. Where many rock stars can have a more destructive vice mine was food.


On not letting the industry pressure her to keep the weight off:


Early on in Philly music resurging with Jill Scott and Musiq my image was never an issue. It was okay to be heavy set. It was about the music and I wasn't coerced to be a certain way to create music. Now I only started noticing how important it is to other people. Weight loss is big business but whatever I'm going through I've always maintained being me. I know when I am going overboard or slacking.


On what she's learning about herself as a solo artist:


This is all new to me. I enjoy singing and writing and I didn't know it would entail interviews. Now I get to see all aspects of what is the entertainment industry and bask in that and be open. I enjoy being able to be me 100% learning me all over again.


Check out Marsha's single, "Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player)" here:


November 2, 2010NewsComments175 Views