The Memorable Fashion of Sports Stars

May 27, 2010NewsComments8194 Views

By Souleo. Recently tennis champion, Venus Williams came under fire for her sexy lingerie inspired look on the court that once again pushed the envelope of sportswear. In honor, we're taking a look at some of the most memorable sports stars who make a statement with their style on the court, field, ice and golf course.

Venus Williams:

Sex sells but does it also make you win a championship? Venus put that idea to the test with this sheer sexy look that was one jump or dip away from being a total "wardrobe malfunction."


Dennis Rodman:

It was always a disappointment watching Dennis play basketball because you just knew that all his outrageousness was stifled by a uniform. How great it would have been to see him play a game in drag. Well, our wishes were never fulfilled but Dennis still managed to make a statement on the court with his arms full of tattoos and colorful hair.


Serena Williams:

It's hard to think of any other female sports star that has created as many fashion statements on the court as Serena. From the knee high leather boots to the rock star leather jacket Serena always brings her A-fashion game.


Chad Ochocinco:

If Dennis Rodman plated football he'd look like this. Chad is one of the NFL's most colorful characters. Here, the color of choice is gold with a mean grill, stud earrings and a blonde Mohawk that makes us recall Mr. T.


David Beckham:

Sometimes less is more and David knows that better than any other sports player as he's raked in millions for posing in his underwear for Emporio Armani. We can't say that not wearing a shirt is style but it's certainly eye catching on the field.


Johnny Weir:

When it comes to crossing boundaries few do it with as much style, sass and confidence as Johnny Weir. After all, it takes a real man to don a low cut corset, tight suede pants and hot pink. You go girl boy!


Tiger Woods:

We are still not completely over his cheating scandal but at least he can still dress. Tiger's fashion choices bring an air of sophistication and cool that are a far cry from the hideous loud plaids and bold primary colors that were once associated with golf attire.


Lebron James:

It's the headband. Lebron is rarely seen without it and it's become his signature. We don't think we could recognize him on the court without it.

Which other sports stars do you think make bold and fresh fashion statements?

May 27, 2010NewsComments8194 Views