Michael Ealy is looking for a real woman

June 6, 2012NewsComments216 Views
Michael Ealy is looking for a real woman

Actor Michael Ealy is gorgeous, smart and talented and did we mention single? The actor, who most recently starred in the smash hit "Think Like A Man," recently opened up to Upscale Magazine about living life as a bachelor, what he looks for in a woman and how he's done with dating actresses.

"I've been done with [dating industry women]," Ealy told the magazine. "You do it for years and years and years - theater, television, film. It's a workplace thing. But the difference for me now is that I'm mature enough to know that this is a work thing. The minute we stop production, I'm not going to feel this way anymore."

Although he's done dating celebrities, he did have fun with his onscreen love interest Taraji P. Henson while filming "Think Like A Man." Henson recently stopped by the Sirius XM studios in New York City to discuss working with the stud, who she admits looks good both in hip hop clothes and in the bare.

"He's alright. I mean he is quite ugly to me. No, that's a joke. He's fine," Henson told radio host Sway during the interview. "He is gorgeous and because I know him now, he has become like a dear friend of mine."

When asked whether the two got intimate while filming, Henson admitted Ealy is a stand up guy and was very to the script - even in the heat of the moment.

"No we kept it PG13. He is very professional, that’s what I love about him," Henson said regarding her costar.

In Upscale Magazine, Ealy also discussed his past misfortune in luck and how he's partly to blame for being enticed by not-so-sane ladies.

"I think there was a part of me that was just attracted to the crazy," Ealy told the news outlet on his former dating self. "I tended to involve myself with women that brought drama. And I had a bit of a savior complex. I thought I could save them from whatever daddy issues or cheating issues [they had]. In the past, I was definitely known as a guy who took himself and his relationships a little too seriously. I won’t say that I always knew how to have a lot of fun."

BET reports ladies looking to get to know this hunk better can tune into the USA Network series "Common Law," in which he plays LAPD Robbery-Homicide detective Travis Marks.

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June 6, 2012NewsComments216 Views