Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Video

December 28, 2009NewsComments104 Views


Probably one of the most heart drenching news stories of 2009 had to be the early demise of the greatest entertainer known to man-kind, Michael Jackson. Before his untimely death that stunned the world, MJ was gearing up his moon walking shoes for a 50 show tour in London, titled This Is It. In conjunction with the tour, Jackson had planed to release both a album and movie as a complete This Is It package. The first single was also titled after the tour. Below is the official music video, directed by Spike Lee. It gives fans an intimate look into Jackson's childhood and career.



A bunch of our favorite celebs have emulated the style of the great Michael Jackson. He was known for setting trends and having the world follow them, and this will certainly continue... even after his death. Jackson was probably the first entertainer to popularize the 'military look', which only fits him well, since he was indeed a leader. One of our top brands, Rocawear, a leader in urban fashion, recently dropped a Nomadic military jacket, which sort of resembles Jackson's famous collection of military jackets. What do you guys think?


Nomadic Jacket by Rocawear



December 28, 2009NewsComments104 Views