Midsections are in for summer

May 10, 2012NewsComments
Midsections are in for summer

Ladies looking to rock the best urban women's clothes this spring and summer should start doing more crunches right now, as many of the top designers have included midriff-baring ensembles in their new collections. EBONY Magazine reports this is a trend that seems to have some staying power and stars around the nation are embracing the look and showing off what their mamas (or their trainers) gave them.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons and Christina Milian have all been seen showing off some midsection skin, and you can too. 

To achieve a similar look as these lovely ladies, start by figuring out how much skin you want to show. If you want just a touch, go for an approach like Angela Simmons. She opted for a high-waist black skirt that was flowy through her hips. She paired it with a casual jean button up shirt that she tied at the waist - exposing just a peek at her fab abs. Vanessa Simmons also worked a midriff ensemble. The elder sister looked elegant in a neutral-toned short top and a sassy cream, black and chartreuse-colored floor-length skirt.

Milian had a similar approach, but wore jeans instead of a skirt and added even more pieces to the ensemble. The singer wore high-waisted black jeans and a short black tank top that exposed her killer midsection. For a bit of definition, Milian added a white cropped leather jacket to the look that broke up the pants and hid any love handles or other imperfections.

InStyle Magazine recently gave its best advice for other spring must-have looks, for women who would rather keep their midsections hidden.

According to the source, great pieces to pick up for spring and summer include global prints, such as a dress with an urban feel or with a safari pattern. Ocean-tone dresses and skirts and printed pants are also going to be big as the temperature rises.  

May 10, 2012NewsComments