Mighty Healthy speaks to the streets

June 19, 2013NewsComments
Mighty Healthy speaks to the streets

Though many brands look to others to figure out what's working in today's society, a few opt to look the other direction to create looks totally their own. Case in point: Mighty Healthy. The brand, created by Ray Mate and Denis Iderman nearly a decade ago, prides itself on making hoodies, caps, sweatshirts and jeans that the designers actually want to wear, rather than what's in style at the moment.

Not only does the dynamic duo embrace what they make, they do so in a way that's entirely New York. Both designers spoke with Complex magazine about their brand and what they hope to do with Mighty Healthy going forward. For Iderman, it's the city itself that keeps him motivated.

"The spontaneity. The grind. The energy. The food. The diversity. The competition. Prospect Park. Coney Island. The old Yankee Stadium and Shea... MSG. Anywhere that the new wave of cornballs haven't infiltrated," Iderman told the news outlet regarding what he looks to for inspiration while designing fresh collections. 

Mighty Healthy continues to evolve with the times on its own terms, and fans around the nation continue to eat up what they're selling. According to the clothing line's official website, the brand states it "is a fresh, modern incarnation of a classic young men's apparel brand."

Fans of the clothing can pick up pieces at Jimmy Jazz locations or JimmyJazz.com.

Do you like Mighty Healthy? Are you into skating or just the lifestyle?

June 19, 2013NewsComments