Mike Tyson takes show on the road

December 3, 2012NewsComments
Mike Tyson takes show on the road

The success of boxer Mike Tyson's one man Broadway show back in August of this year was so grand that he and director Spike Lee are taking the show on the road, BET reports. Tyson will kick off the one man production in Indianapolis this February.

"I'm excited to take 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth' on tour and share it with my fans across the country," Tyson said in a statement. "'Undisputed Truth' is my story - I'm giving my all. I'm proud to take the show nationwide."

SoundSpike website reports the upcoming tour will hit 24 cities over a three month span. The summer performances in New York City roped in more than $1.2 million over just 12 shows.

Back in August before his first shows, Tyson opened up to The New York Times about what fans can expect from the performance and how he thought the shows would go over with fans.

"I'm not saying I'm a mesmerizer, but I had people mesmerized," Tyson told the news source. "I don't know if I'm people-friendly, but I know I entertain them."

Would you see Tyson's show if it comes to your city?

December 3, 2012NewsComments