Miss Black United States coming in 2013

July 31, 2012NewsComments
Miss Black United States coming in 2013

The Miss USA, America and Universe pageants have been popular competitions for women for years. However, there is a new pageant making a name for itself within the prestigious world and it caters to women of color. Miss Black United States will now be launching nationwide, giving African American women a chance to shine and earn great prizes.

BET reports the Miss Black United States pageant will now be on the list of beauty contests geared to women within the black community. Pageants like Miss Black America are already well-known.

Miss Black United States was developed by Sonja McCord shortly after President Obama was elected president back in 2008. McCord told the news outlet the newest pageant aims to offer social leadership tools, development and charity works as well as giving its participants a chance to pursue their "educational, artistic and professional goals."

"We are creating a new generation of leaders who are problem solvers, accomplished, and polished, while servicing those who are in need, McCord told the publication. "The concept is simple, empowering others while empowering ourselves."

The pageant will be open to 51 females between the ages of 20 and 35 who are at least 25 percent African American. After being selected, they'll undergo courses in advocacy, leadership, beauty, elegance, self-development, fitness and entrepreneurship. Once training is completed, the women will hit the stage to compete against one another for the title of Miss Black United States.

BlackNews.com reports entries for the 2013 pageant opened on July 22. Interested women need to visit www.missblackunitedstates.com to fill out an online competition. It costs $150 to sign up and McCord hopes the program will help to empower young women of color to be beautiful, smart and generous in their communities. The ladies will don swimwear, women's urban clothes and high fashion gowns and will showcase their talents during the event, similar to other well-known pageants.

"The Miss Black United States Program exists not as a means to exclude non-African American citizens...It is a cultural organization created to solve America's most pressing problems that directly impact the Black American population," McCord said in a press release. "The program seeks to reverse negative trends, celebrate Black beauty, empower young leaders, and work to overcome social, health, and economic disparities in the Black American community. Simply stated...Tackling Black American issues and strengthening the Black American community will help reinvigorate America, overall. This is a new spirit of patriotism."

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July 31, 2012NewsComments