Musicians discuss style in songs

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Musicians discuss style in songs

When it comes to rocking the hottest sneakers and urban clothing, most fans turn to their favorite musicians for style advice. Over the years, a few of the most popular acts have even talked about certain clothing styles in their songs. Here are a few that stand out out the most, BET reports. 

Jay-Z: Change Clothes
This song is a throwback - it came out in 2003 and featured Jay along with the Neptunes. The lyrics offer fans a taste of how Jay went from rocking certain clothing while growing up in Brooklyn and how his style has evolved since making a name for himself in the industry. One thing's for sure, the New York Native continues to rep the city he calls home during most outings. Jay may be one to take fashion advice from. His Rocawear brand continues to be popular as are his changes to the uniforms of the Brooklyn Nets.

Fabolous: Throw it in the Bag
During this classic hit, the rapper describes how he'll let his new lady get a whole new wardrobe, and what woman wouldn't enjoy this treatment?

"That's the way we feel, must be nice, man, you wit' the right man, you ain't gotta price scan, or ask how much, now what I look like, son, I'm from Brooklyn, what it look like?" Fab raps.

A$AP Rocky: Fashion Killa
​This rapper, who has played the part of the president in Lana Del Rey's video "National Anthem," proved he's got love for high-end fashion in his song, "Fashion Killa." The rapper throws out plenty of top dollar designers including Vena Cana and Costume National. With taste like that, Rocky better hope he keeps cranking out hits.

Do you take fashion advice from your favorite celebrities? What trends are you into now?

January 16, 2013KicksComments