Nas' Illmatic makes it to the Stage

November 16, 2011Comments190 Views

It's been almost twenty years since hip-hop icon, Nas first released his seminal album, Illmatic. Now those classic lyrics and beats form the centerpiece for the theatrical production, "Homage 3: Illmatic." The play tells the coming-to-being story of an artist who must evolve or disappear. Ron, the main character, comes face-to-face with the life of living as an artist or the death of not fulfilling his purpose. As a tribute to Illmatic, the production aims to honor the spirit of the album and is the newest development in playwright, Shaun Neblett's 7 Homages for 7 MCs Play CycleTM. The project is presented by Changing Perceptions Theater, written by Neblett and directed by Patricia McGregor. The cast features Naomi Bland, Kevin Alan Daniels, Joseph Foster, Stephen Hill, Clinton Lowe and Marcus Naylor.


If the promising premise alone doesn't convince you to buy a ticket then perhaps these complimentary words by noted intellectual, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson will do the trick: "The power of this play is that it's able to evoke a sense of history, a sense of intimacy with people who surrounded you, who nurtured you when you were growing, the people you were afraid of, the people you were in love with." Deep.



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November 16, 2011Comments190 Views