NBA stars pick sides

October 11, 2012NewsComments
NBA stars pick sides

The presidential election is now less than a month away and both President Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney are pulling out the stops as the vote draws near. BET reports both parties have now enlisted the help of professional athletes to not only express why they support either candidate, but also to encourage the younger population to vote.

In a new video "The Greatest," a slew of professional basketball players are encouraging fans to vote to reelect Obama. NBA greats like Alonzo Mourning, Dahntay Jones, Etan Thomas, Vince Carter and Juwan Howard are all showcased voicing their opinions on why they're backing Obama.

"I believe America is still the greatest country in the world," Mourning said in the video, according to BET. "And I am voting for President Obama."

Thomas adds,"[I'm voting for President Obama] because he has a game plan for the future."

Although Obama got a variety of athletes to back him, NBA player Greg Anthony is not one of them. Instead he is choosing to back Romney. Anthony is featured in an ad for the Republican nominee's camp in which he describes voting for Obama in 2008.

"When you look at unemployment, it's probably the highest in the country, double digits right now, I voted for Barack Obama. Thought he'd be a centrist. I really lost faith in him," Anthony said in the video, discussing his home state of Nevada. "I'm supporting Mitt Romney. He's a no excuse kind of guy, and I think over the last four years we've heard enough excuses," he continues. "I just don't believe we can afford four more years like the last four years."

Do hearing from athletes make you want to vote? Have you picked a candidate?

October 11, 2012NewsComments