NBA Style: Dwyane Wade edition

May 13, 2014Comments113 Views
NBA Style: Dwyane Wade edition

Dwyane Wade turned heads last week with his playoff outfit, but not in a good way. The Miami Heat guard showed up at Game 3 of the Heat versus Brooklyn Nets series wearing a white, short-sleeve button-down shirt and overalls with rolled pant legs. The bib on the overalls was hooked and hanging below his shirt, super casual. 

Wade's outfit was getting a lot of hate on Twitter but at least one colleague was into the look.

"Whoever thought of this fit, I need in!!!! Swaggg," tweeted Detroit Piston's guard Brandon Jennings.

According to the Daily Beast, style is a relatively new interest for NBA players. In 2005, the NBA commissioner made business casual dress mandatory during league activities. The dress code included a ban on exposed chains, pendants, sleeveless shirts and sunglasses while indoors. Since then, many players have hired stylists and LeBron James even made the cover of Vogue in 2008.

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Would you wear overalls if they became a popular style among NBA players?

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May 13, 2014Comments113 Views