Ne-Yo shows off his fashionable kids

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Ne-Yo shows off his fashionable kids

Ne-Yo is known in the game for cranking out romantic and sexy R&B hits, but his recent spread in People Magazine was a little more G-rated. BET reports the crooner opens up in the Father's Day Issue about life as a father and what he enjoys doing most with his two little kids, Madilyn Grace, 18 months, and Mason Evan, 8 months.

According to the source, the trio took photos for the spread at a children's hip hop clothes boutique where Madilyn had fun scouring the aisles for tutus and toys. Although she might like shopping, Ne-Yo told the publication she can also throw down.

"Madi's a little rough and tumbles with me because she was my first kid, so all of the little boy things I wanted to do, I did with her. She and I wrestle," Ne-Yo told the magazine. "[Mason is] the most mellow baby on the planet."

Ne-Yo also reports his little lady is totally into clothes and is very sure of what she likes and doesn't. He made it clear she gets her fashion sense from him, rather than his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.

"She loves clothes. You could put three dresses in front of her and she’ll pick her favorite, and normally it’s the flyest one," Ne-Yo said on his little girl's fashion sense, according to BET. "I’m thinking she gets that from me. Yeah! Daddy's fashion sense!"

AllHipHop.com recently sat down with Ne-Yo to discuss his personal style, his philosophy seems to be wearing what feels good.

"I dress for comfort. It's not always about wearing a suit and tie, although this style is comfort for me. I don't want people to think that they must put on a suit and tie to be [look like] a gentleman," Ne-Yo shared in the interview. "Being a gentleman is about being comfortable in your own skin while realizing that when you step foot outside, people are watching, people are paying attention. You want to give them something that is worthy of who you are. You don't want to leave the house with your jeans hanging low, unless you want to be judged for it. It's a shame, but people judge books by their covers. So why not put a quality cover on that book."

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June 12, 2012NewsComments226 Views