New Cupid Aims for the Big Time with a Comeback

December 30, 2009NewsComments126 Views

By Souleo.


R&B star, Cupid (now known as New Cupid) broke out with the 2007 hit song, “Cupid Shuffle,” but recently his life was in a bit of its own shuffle after parting ways with Atlantic Records.  Now he is back and ready to reintroduce himself with several exciting new projects on the horizon including a fitness DVD, being the new face of McCafe at McDonalds and the release of his upcoming album “Feel Good Musik,” in spring 2010.


New Cupid sums up his professional shuffle with Atlantic Records as due to creative differences and the need to branch out an artist.


“They wouldn’t let me be myself.  I can’t be the next somebody.  I needed to be an individual.  So this is a better situation for me and my vision as someone who brings the funk back into the R&B game,” he said.


This time around, New Cupid is ready to not only make listeners feel good with more funky tunes, but to also inspire them to be more health conscious and self-confident.


“I’m incorporating all of my dance music into the fitness realm with my DVD.  If you can do the moves in the club then you can do it in the morning and build your heart rate and metabolism up, and build a better life and future,” he said.


The inspiration to get his listeners healthy and motivated hits close to home for New Cupid.  The singer had his own battle with weight a few years ago due to depression over trying to survive in the music industry.




“I was depressed with the record business.  I was going on the internet trying to get a record deal and not taking care of my body.  So I got rid of that quick and I am back down to my sexy size,” he said.


New Cupid credits his eighteen month old son, Chris as motivating him to use his music as a catalyst for positive change and to attain even greater success with his new projects.


“I want to leave a legacy.  I don’t want my legacy to be a guy that did whatever I had to do or ran over somebody or was derogatory to make money.  Some will do anything for money but if you can stand by morals then that’s what being a man is about, and that’s what I want to make sure I teach him through my legacy,” he said.


With such motivation guiding him it sounds like, New Cupid is bound to hit his target right on the bull’s-eye with his comeback plans for 2010.


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December 30, 2009NewsComments126 Views