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Trazz, a upcoming hip-hop star from Buffalo, took some time to talk to us about his music, lifestyle, and most importantly his region: Upstate, NY. Trazz, who was influenced by Big L growing up, is currently heating things up with his single, "All They Wanna Talk About". Additionally, he's also collaborated with some of our favorite hip-hop/ r&b artists, such as PitbullAkonColby O' Donis and others. Read up on Trazz and DON'T SLEEP ON BUFFALO!


JimmyJazz.com: Are you familiar with Jimmy Jazz?

Trazz: Defiantly! You guys are one of the biggest [urban] retailers. Every time I’m in the city I stop through.

JimmyJazz.com: Where are you from and what do you represent as an artist?

Trazz: Trazz is the name and I’m currently signed to Fix Your Face Music/ Property Music Group.  I’m from Upstate New York… the biggest misconception about Upstate New York is that people never associate us with New York City, because we’re at least 6 hours away. But the thing is, we’re still part of New York State, but we have our own identity. My city [Buffalo] is one that really gets over looked a lot. We haven’t had a major artist come out of Upstate New York since Rick JamesRick James is our pride & joy here, but for me, I’m one of the artists to come out of the region and have major collaborations with a lot of industry artists. I’m ready to put the city back on the map, man.

JimmyJazz.com: In regards to lifestyle, does your overall fashion style reflect Buffalo? Which by the way is home to New Era Cap.

Trazz: I try not to consider myself as having a style. Glasses are something I have a fetish for. Some people it may be shoes, sneakers, jeans or whatever. I literally own over 50 pair of designer shades. So, that explains that. But as for style, Buffalo has it’s own style. It’s [Buffalo] influenced so much from TV… it has a lot of Southern influence; it has a lot of Canadian influence, since we are right by the border.  So, I try not to put myself in a bubble, I just kind of do what comes natural to me.

JimmyJazz.com: Your collaborations with Pitbull, AkonColby O’Donis and others have party themes, what more can we expect from your music?

Trazz: The thing about it is, I originally got my start by radio music. My manager, DJ Noodles, his record that got him a lot of recognition was the “Lean Back” record with the Biggie vocals on it. He [DJ Noodles] has been in radio for over 15 years and he saw a lot of potential in me. We started off making music that everybody could feel… I think party & club music is universal. No matter where you are, everybody wants to have a good time. That’s the most appealing kind of music across the board. So we wanted to make music that’s appealing to everybody, which people can listen to on the radio and also go to the club and have a good time with.

JimmyJazz.com: How does an indie artist like yourself manage to get these major artists on your tracks? Considering that you are from Buffalo.

Trazz: You have to go outside of your box. This is not Atlanta [Georgia] or Miami [Florida]. So we don’t have the major recording artists in our backyard. You have to travel out and you really have to network. Fortunately for me, because I have a strong team behind me and a lot of members of my team are industry affiliated, it’s rarely ever that I’m ever here in Buffalo. Since I’m always in a different city trying to make moves and network.

JimmyJazz.com: Specking of being on the road, do you have any shows lined up for this Fall?

Trazz: Right now, I’m schedule to perform in Tampa [Florida]. This is actually November 16th. Every year, they throw a show, The Last Dance. It’s basically the last show of the year. In the past they featured other artists such as PliesThe GameE-40…. I’m actually scheduled to perform on the pre-show.  There’s also a tour being put together for Fabolous and Serani… I’m hoping I can get on that tour.

JimmyJazz.com: As far as Serani, you’ve also collaborated with reggae great Wanye Wonder on “Gonna Love U”….


Trazz: Wayne is phenomenal. He was such a good choice for the collaboration, because outside of him having national fame, he’s an international superstar. He has that Caribbean vibe to him. Like I had mention to you before, we try to make music that everyone could vibe with. Not knocking any national stars here [USA] that don’t have any international exposure, but we thought Wayne had that appeal that we can get shows in the Caribbean, based on the strength of that record [“Gonna Love U”]

JimmyJazz.com: Are you currently looking for different ways to leverage your music into different avenues?

Trazz: By trade, I’m actually an actor. Music is something I’ve been doing since the age of 5. I attended New York Film Academy for 2 years. I was actually in the first hip-hop gospel play to ever hit theaters. It was called Rise, It was written by Play (from Kid & Play) and Salt (from Salt-N-Pepa). Acting is something I’ve enjoyed just as much as music. So I always look for different avenues. I think music is my pride & joy and #1 priority, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. I feel once I get in, I can showcase my acting ability. Acting is something I’ve been doing to fuel my music career and fund my lifestyle.

JimmyJazz.com: Going back into collaborations, if you could work with one artist, doesn’t matter the genre, who would it be?

Trazz: [Short pause]. That’s a difficult question. I’m such a huge fan of Jay-Z. In my opinion, the best to ever do it. But, I grew up and was influence by Big L. If he was still around, I think my dream would be do a collaboration, something crazy with Big L. If he were still around, he would be my first choice. I grew up knowing every verse he ever wrote.

JimmyJazz.com: I can kind of see that. You both have that flamboyant wordplay.

Trazz: The younger generation they never heard of Big L. He was someone that definitely died before his time; he never reached his peak of potential. To a lot of the young kids reading this article, make sure you do your homework on Big L. He was definitely one that influenced a lot of these MC’s out here.

JimmyJazz.com: Are you giving back to any upcoming artists from Buffalo?

Trazz: I feel that my region, not only my city, but my region has been overlooked. From Rochester to Syracuse… us as a region. There so many talented artists from my region that have there own niche. It’s going to be the domino-effect that St. Louis had, once one person comes out of there, all of the A&R’s and everyone’s attention is gonna be on. Once I give fuel and attention to this area, people are really going to see what we have to offer here. That will be a dream to me, to put my city on the map and give other people in my city [or in my region] an opportunity.

JimmyJazz.com: What’s one thing we don’t know about Trazz?


Trazz: Trazz is about to have a baby. That’s one thing that the fans don’t know. So it’s ‘Go Time’ even more. I’ve been pursuing my career as hard as I can up till this point, but I think the fans will expect a super surge from me. I have to provide for someone other than myself, and it only motivates me more.

JimmyJazz.com: Congrats on that ….

Trazz: I Appreciate that.

JimmyJazz.com: Last, how can fans get in contact with Traz?

Trazz: Fans can log-on to MySpace.com/TrazzMusic. They can also go to TrazzMusic.com, which will take you to the MySpace page. Also, if they want to learn about the team surrounding me, they can go to FixYourFace.net.

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October 22, 2009NewsComments185 Views