Nike lets fans mix and match colors with new program

April 24, 2013KicksComments507 Views
Nike lets fans mix and match colors with new program

Nike continues to stay ahead of the pack - both in terms of sneaker style and keeping up with technology. The popular shoe and athletic clothing brand is at it again with its latest social media website, Nike PHOTOiD. According to Freshness magazine, the site is a unique service that "allows users to tap on pictures from their personal Instagram accounts and then apply their favorite colors in the snapshot to a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers using the color palette option offered via the site.

Sneakers available to personalize include the Nike Air Max I iD, Nike Air Max 90 iD and the Nike Air Max 95 iD. Don't have a smartphone? No worries. The fun program can be used with tablets or on computers. Plus, fans of the idea, but not necessarily the price tag that creating their own shoes comes with, can still have fun making the sneakers based off of their favorite sunset picture and then they can post the shoes to their social media outlets to show off their unique kicks. 

Gizmodo reports playing around with the different colorways is half the fun. Fans of the application have already embraced the idea - creating sneakers out of the colors of everything from their fast food meal and their salad to a sunny day by the pool and a funny Halloween costume. 

If you do decide to purchase the kicks you create, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. According to the news source, the Nike Air Max I iD and the Nike Air Max 90 iD run for $135, while the more advanced Nike Air Max 95 iD will run you upwards of $220. 

Do you like the unique idea behind Nike PHOTOiD? Are you going to play around with the Instagram-based website?

April 24, 2013KicksComments507 Views