Nikki Turner: Sex, Family and Love

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By Souleo. When you think of gutsy, strong and powerful female characters in hip-hop fiction you are bound to think of some of the protagonists created by New York Times bestselling author, Nikki Turner.  From Isis Tatum (Black Widow) to Yarni Taylor (A Hustler's Wife) and now Beijing Lee (Relapse), Nikki's female characters have consistently dealt with themes of sex, family and love.  With Relapse, these themes converge as we follow Beijing from almost being sold by her drug addicted sister to satisfying the illegal desires of high-end clients to falling dangerously in love.

JimmyJazz hit the reading chair with Nikki to get her personal take on some of her most consistent themes.  Read on to see why she supports women who use their bodies to get ahead, what real family is and the importance of self-love.



On the sexual escapades of the rich and famous:

When you have that type of wealth and power people will do anything to please you.  We always want what we can't have and I think that wealth and power gives them access to those things.  I'm okay with the women who provide those services so long as they take it to the next level.  I'm the biggest advocate for girl power.  I'm happy that they are able to make money off of their beauty and body.


On family:

Family is a strong part in who you are and what you have to endure.  My grandmother always said 'Figure out where a man comes from and his family.'  As I get older I agree that family plays a lot in your life.  In my personal life I believe that family is who you choose.  Just because we don't have the same blood doesn't mean that we are not family.   You have to make your own reality sometimes.


On the need for self-love:

Many people go through life looking for love.  I think having companionship is the dream.  For girls we have been taught to have the white picket fence and this knight in shining armor.  Sometimes it is the allure of men that catches a woman's interest and in life there is one person who has that power over you.  When you love yourself if you do get into a relationship that is volatile you can get out and that's a message of the book.


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May 20, 2010NewsComments292 Views