OG Shaqnosis Make Sophomore Debut at Retailers

July 11, 2013KicksComments613 Views

by Ashli Prescott


Reminiscent of the mid 90's OG classic, Shaquille O'Neal and Reebok are re-releasing his iconic "Shaqnosis" sneaker. This time around it will be available in a few different colorways, which include the original 50/50 black and whites first released in 1995. The kicks consist of white leather and black nubuck suede woven together in a hypnotic effect pattern and are equipped with the infamous "Rim-Rocker" logo. At the time of their introduction to the sneaker scene, Shaq played for the Orlando Magic and lead them to the NBA Finals. Even though they were defeated, O'Neal's "Shaqnosis" sales were not.  According to Theprobasketballtalk.com, he remained a pop culture champ by successfully releasing footwear, hip hop albums, video games, and took in his first NBA title a few years later. Anything related to this gentle giant has been hypnotizing the masses since he first appeared on the court. Shaq's dominant and (literal) larger-than-life persona provided the perfect platform for these releases to explode in popularity. Like Shaq himself, the Shaqnosis have a very distinct look which is instantly recognizable to fans and sneaker heads, the world over. They are especially conspicuous on the basketball court and add an extra element of aesthetic flair to the show.

If you missed these shoes for their freshman debut in 1995 (because you could either not afford them or possibly weren't even born yet to see them in action), now is your chance. They will be available at JimmyJazz.com and select footwear retailers everywhere for $124.99 on July 12th.


Are you under Shaq's hypnotic spell to cop these flashy kicks?











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July 11, 2013KicksComments613 Views