OJ Da Juiceman Keep's it 100 with Jimmy Jazz!

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OJ Da Juiceman is quickly making a name for himself in the music world. Not only has the 28-year dominated the underground hip-hop scene with his classic street records, “I’m Getting Money” and “Make the Trap Say Aye”, The Atlanta native is down with Gucci Mane and has landed huge features with Jadakiss (“Who’s Real”), Mariah Carey (“H.A.T.E.U. remix) and R. Kelly (“Supaman High”)… all before his official major release, The Otis Williams Jr. Story.

Check out our interview and learn more about OJ’s lifestyle, favorite fashion brands, his debut release, and much more!

JimmyJazz.com: From time to time the hip-hop community gets a breakthrough group, such as N.W.A., D-Block, Hot Boyz and more. Do you see yourself creating a movement with your camp like one of the those legendary groups?

OJ Da Juiceman: It's on the wait, not as major as those names you mentioned. I'm still trying to get my feet planted in the game, to where I can start pulling in other artists and building the company [32 Entertainment] to what it should be. But, right now I'm just trying to work on the OJ Da Juiceman project and establish my name in the game right.

JimmyJazz.com: You always put emphasizes on 'keeping it 100', what's OJ's definition of 'keeping it 100'?

OJ Da Juiceman: Just keeping it through to the bone grizzle. Not putting no sugar coat on nothing. Just keeping everything true life and true fact. Be straight up to get what you want in live. I keep it 100, not 95% or 85%. That's how I was born and raised.

JimmyJazz.com: Do you have any plans of putting on any emerging artists, just like Lil Wayne put on Drake?

OJ Da Juiceman: I'm trying to work with some cats out the hood. There's some fellows in my hood that got skills in the rap game. Once I get myself all the way established, I'm going back to give back to a couple of guys in the hood that really don't have the fiances and know the right routes to take, but have the skills.

JimmyJazz.com: When can fans expect that OJ project, and what's the titled?

OJ Da Juiceman: The name of the project is called The Otis Williams Jr. Story (based on a true story) and fans can look forward for coppin' that top first quarter [top of 2010].

JimmyJazz.com: Any guest features that folks can expect?

OJ Da Juiceman: I could say Busta Rhymes, I could say Verse Simmonds, Pleasure P, Mistah Fab... Bun B.

JimmyJazz.com: Specking of collaborations, you were recently featured on R. Kelly's "Supaman High" track. How did you two link with one another?

OJ Da Juiceman: R. Kelly was in Atlanta [Georgia] one week partying and he contacted my label head. I recorded the track with the producer and then shot it off in a email to him. A week later I got a called and they [the label] said that they were going to run with it.

JimmyJazz.com: What's the next record that's going to top your last hit, "I'm Gettin' Money"?

OJ Da Juiceman: The "Time Clock" record or "When I get Big" record. The "Time Clock" record is produced by Fatboy, he's based out of Atlanta. "When I Get Big" is produced by Drumma Boy, who is also based out of Atlanta, but he's from Memphis.

JimmyJazz.com: You're often rap about Coogi, you were Gucci hats, Polo and several other brands. What are some of your favorite fashion lines?

Pictured above: OJ Da Juiceman rockin' a Coogi tee.

OJ Da Juiceman: Blac Label, Coogi, Parish, Russell Simmons, Polo, Lacoste... and I just got introduced to Stall & Dean.

JimmyJazz.com: A handful of rappers have used hip-hop as a path to start their own clothing lines, Fabolous (Rich Yung), Akon (Konvict), Young Jeezy (Eight 732) just to name a few. Do you see hip-hop as a stepping stone to create a fashion line for OJ or are you just going to 'keep it 100' with your music?

OJ Da Juiceman: I'm always going to be looking into other investments. I'm focused on it, but I'm not trying to put a lot of time into right now. I need to put out more albums. That's a key factor in my life, I always been business minded. I'm wheeling and dealing to do it [clothing line], but it's something that's going to come down the line. I'm not going to jump on it too fast.

JimmyJazz.com: Moving away from music and fashion, you had mentioned in the past that you have diabetes, a disease that has had major impact in the urban community. Do you have any advise for anyone out there struggling with the disease? Any words of encouragement?

OJ Da Juiceman: Stay healthy. God may have gave us a little sickness, but some people live a long time with diabetes. People who don't take care of themselves with it parish. It's hard to cope with, I'm still learning more about it right now. But just stay healthy and love life.


JimmyJazz.com: Even before it was public that you had diabetes, you were shot. Mentally and physically, what has it done to you as an individual?

OJ Da Juiceman: It slowed me down a whole lot. Before the incident occurred, I was doing a lot of fast speeding; not really paying attention to what I was doing. I was still on point, but not really on top of my game.... I was living my live without a fear, but then tables turned. It showed me, "you could be here having fun or you could be somewhere else, like 6-feet under the ground, you could be gone." So I just try to keep maintained, humble feet and humble head. Enjoy what I got going on right now, because I could really be at the other end of the law, like I was before I got signed.


For more info on OJ Da Juiceman, please visit MySpace.com/ojdajuiceman.

October 29, 2009NewsComments1265 Views