Olivia: From Bad Girl to Style Diva

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By Souleo. Bad girls aren't always authentic.  Sometimes beneath the layer of boldness is a feminine sexuality yearning to be set free.  Such is the style journey of R&B singer, Olivia.  When she first arrived on the scene with J. Records and her hit song, "Bizounce," she had all the hip-hip clothing, attitude and sass of a bad girl.  It turns out that was all a front.

"When I was on J. Records I came straight out of college and was the experimental artist.  They made me the bad girl, Alicia Keys the good girl and Jimmy Cozier all the way reggae.  I'm trying to fit in but I wasn't that [bad girl].  I came straight out of church and that's what made them love me.  So I was confused," she said.


Being the former lone female member of 50 Cent's, G-Unit clique gave Olivia the chance to begin defining a new sense of style for herself with less bad girl posturing and more sexiness.  But it's now as a fully-fledged independent artist where she is learning o balance her tough and sexy sides by taking control of her image


"I've always been sexy but I'm also a tomboy 'cause I love my sweats and Nike's.  Now my style is balanced.  It is crazy, sexy and cool."


To attain her look Olivia relies heavily on accessories noting that all it takes it a hot bag, shades and shoes to get fierce.


"Your accessories set off what you wear.  I'm a firm believer that your whole outfit doesn't have to be expensive so long as your shoes, shades and bags are on point."


Olivia is currently in the studio working on her forthcoming release Show the World and taping her upcoming VH1 reality show, "Married to Hip-Hop."


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August 19, 2010NewsComments108 Views