Parish New Arrivals for Men

February 2, 2010Comments284 Views

By Edwin STATS Houghton. Fashionistas have been flipping the rugged functionality of work gear and army surplus into a more personal statement at least since Bob Marley ran the set. These new men's shirts from Parish update that classic look by combining it with the easy comfort of athletic gear and eye-grabbing oversized graphics for the best of all worlds.

For instance, the Sail Stripe Crest Button Up pairs work-shirt toughness with aristocratic design on the crest for the ultimate crew shirt. The white on navy Striped Woven Button Up achieves the boldness of a warm-up jacket for a shirt strong enough to be your first line of defense, while the fresh and clean lines of the White Blueprint Woven Button Up is closer to the crispness of a dress uniform - perfect under a blazer or a bomber.

All bear the trademark Parish motto: Unity is Strength, a statement anyone can get behind. And with their balance of functional details and originality, these pieces won't go out of style until all wars cease.

February 2, 2010Comments284 Views