Part one: Drew Vision talks making it in the entertainment industry

January 17, 2013StyleComments111 Views
Part one: Drew Vision talks making it in the entertainment industry

For New York Native Andrew McCreary, also known as Drew Vision, music is more than a passion, it's in his blood. Vision grew up on Long Island with parents who both made music their lives. His father played piano while his mother's specialty was percussion. His family may have instilled his love of music, but his church taught him about soul. Vision is now working hard to make a career out of his love of music and singing.

"Growing up in church has given me the soul you hear in my voice. I can't avoid it," Vision said. "It's so dominant but I have mixed it with my other styles of singing to get the balance I have now."

Vision continued to hone in on his musical gift as he aged and learned a more classical style at the end of his high school career. It was this dedication that earned him acceptance into Five Towns College. Here, he started working with a group of musicians by the name of TheVAMP. It was around this time he started to transform into the Vision, as he discovered he had a clear path to his destiny - making it big in the music industry.

"I have always had a specific perspective on life. From a young age, I never let anyone tell me no. And not too many obstacles have stopped me from doing what I wanted to do," Vision said, adding people commonly refer to him as free-spirited. "I would always say 'I have a vision' so my friends started calling me Drew Vision and I stuck with it."

Tune into the rest of our series on Vision's entertainment goals.

January 17, 2013StyleComments111 Views