Part three: Drew Vision talks making it in the entertainment industry

January 17, 2013NewsComments
Part three: Drew Vision talks making it in the entertainment industry

We're back with our last installment of our chat with Drew Vision. As for who he looks up to in terms of musical inspiration, Vision credits Luther Vandross with helping him feel comfortable about his soul, and Usher for his stage presence and vocal power.

"Luther Vandross is my biggest influence from the past because he was one of the few male vocalists who packed every theater simply from his vocals alone. No dancing, no smoke and mirrors. Just vocals," Vision said regarding his musical idol. "Presently Usher is one of my biggest influences because along with his dance moves, he keeps his vocals dominant and he keeps the soul in his voice even in his pop songs. I see myself somewhere between Luther and Usher.. known as a true vocalist but still commercially marketable."

Something must be working for the talented star, as he has appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and also had a role in Beyonce's video for "Best Thing I Never Had." Vision admitted he didn't get to hang out with Bey much during the shoot, but her mother Tina Knowles did give him some solid advice.

"I didn't get to chat with Beyonce much but her mother came up to me and said that I'm a star and to always pray to God because he is the only way to make it," Vision said on the chat. "I believe her. Beyonce is proof."

In regards to his time on the Wendy Williams Show, Vision said it was a lot of fun and the appearance helped him garner more fans - both in the industry and in general.

Vision is now working on new music that fans can check out on his Soundcloud accounts. He also gave some solid advice for young musicians or actors trying to make it in the business. He reports working hard and believing in yourself is the key to attaining success.

"I advise other up and comers to treat your career as if you have already made it! Wake up in the morning as if you have the world waiting for your next project to come out," Vision told future artists. "No one will believe in you more than you can so don't wait for your opportunity to come to you, go get it."

Fans looking to learn more about Drew Vision can check out his website, DrewVision.com, the can also check out his debut album "20/20" on iTunes. His next CD is set to be released sometime this winter.

January 17, 2013NewsComments