Paul Wall: Minding his Business

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By Souleo. Texas rapper Paul Wall is back and not only is he focused on the music with his upcoming album, Heart of a Champion, but he's also focused on taking his business ventures to the next level.  As an entrepreneur Paul is perhaps most famous for helping to catapult grills-metal jewelry for teeth-into a national phenomenon with his company, Grills by Paul Wall.  Since the height of that national trend it's safe to say that grills are no longer the focus of hip-hop bling and they've even gotten a bad rap lately due to Lil' Wayne's dental surgery for his grills.  JimmyJazz.com got all up in Paul's grill to get his thoughts about the one-time bling phenomena, whether or not grills are still safe and his latest business venture.


On why grills fell off the national style map:


"It got over saturated and started getting corny for some people but that happens with all national trends.  It's still a hood trend and was around before me and will be around long after me."


On Lil' Wayne's grills and the safety of the bling:


"Lil' Wayne's from the old school and had grills since he was 11 years old so he did it the old school way.  Back in the day we used to only do the permanent kind and make the gold for the dentist as jewelry.  So when we do them now we never recommend getting them in permanently.  When that happens they file the teeth down and it brings up more worries.  Now we recommend the removable kind to keep teeth clean and clean the grills."


On his latest business venture:


"Being that I have so many tattoos my dad found www.tattoodetox.com.  When you get tattoos sometimes the ink has different chemicals that can make you sick or affect your body and you won't know it.  So we found this thing to detox you from chemicals in the ink and we sell it on our website."



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March 15, 2010NewsComments131 Views