A Personal Blog Entry by Cappie Pondexter

September 10, 2010NewsComments276 Views

The reason why I started my company, 4 Season Style Management and moved to New York is because I want female athletes to be seen in a different light. We can be fashionable, sexy, feminine and not always have this reputation of dressing like a guy or being boyish. People think that we can't dress because when we're on the court we are rough but there are so many beautiful women in the league. I just want us to be seen and to prove that we can cross different genres in the entertainment world.



Many people think that basketball and fashion really don't mix. So it's just something you have to breakthrough and eventually people will start to understand. For example, growing up it was hard for me and my mother to connect since she didn't understand me playing a boy sport until she actually saw me play and realized I really could play.


So I hope that I'm inspiring young women and just giving them hope. I think that people should see you one way and you should be another way. I think it's okay to be aggressive and play basketball but when you're stepping outside of that, I think you need to show them a different side.  Show them your feminine side and that you can look sexy and pretty. It took me a while to realize that because I went through my tomboy stage but now I think it's important. It's all about not living inside the box but to think outside of it.


September 10, 2010NewsComments276 Views