Pharrell talks fashion, being an individual

March 29, 2012Comments

Pharrell has always stood out in the hip hop world for bringing a skater/punk feel mixed in with traditional hip hop clothes. He has never been afraid to stand out or be himself and it's this self-assured attitude along with his cool, easy listening sound that keeps him on top.

EBONY Magazine reports that Pharrell 's overall style plays out best in the warmer months as his laid back, no worries attitude matches the feelings many young people have during the summer.

According to the magazine, to get the Pharrell look, guys need to find a pair of fresh cargo shorts or fitted jeans and mix it with a worn jean shirt or a long-sleeved plaid shirt. Make sure to rock a pair of fresh sneakers and add a scarf or shades to stand out from the crowds.

When talking about his personal style to GQ UK Magazine, Pharrell admits his idea of fashion has grown and changed dramatically over the years, though through it all, he remains adamant that he enjoys taking risks with style.

"My style hero was Batman. Now it's Tony Stark," Pharrell told the magazine. "Sometimes what is bad taste now, three years later could be the most incredible thing ever. You just never know."


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March 29, 2012Comments