Phife writing a column covering the NBA season

October 29, 2013Comments
Phife writing a column covering the NBA season

Phife has a lot to say - and rhyming with A Tribe Called Quest apparently isn't going to cut it as an outlet for his opinions. 

the Trinidadian rapper will be writing a monthly column throughout the NBA season for XXL magazine, in which he'll interview coaches and players as well as analyze and comment on the games with other hip hop artists. His first blog, "The Tip-Off" outlined his report card and expectations for the Eastern Conference, and the next will detail his forecast for the Western Conference. The 5-footer commented on some unexpected and exciting decisions at the NBA draft last June.

"But no matter the outcome of your favorite squad, I'm wishing all my NBA fans, enthusiasts, historians, coaches, trainers, season ticket holders, owners and couch potatoes a wonderful NBA season," Phife wrote.

When he's not reporting on big NBA moments, the rapper will be on stage with Kanye West for several concerts in New York City, which, according to The Huffington Post, will be the Tribe's last performances.

After reading Phife's outlook, do you agree with his predictions?

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October 29, 2013Comments