Pioneer just made DJing better

June 19, 2013NewsComments143 Views
Pioneer just made DJing better

With popular electronic acts and DJs like Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk taking over the airways it's easy to see why younger generations are getting into the genre. Though back in the day DJs actually spun records to come up with fresh beats and create unique mixes, nowadays, everything's gone digital.

Just when fans thought DJing couldn't get any easier, Pioneer decided to develop an all-in-one system that's also wireless. Freshness magazine reports the highly accredited speaker and music enhancing company recently announced its newest baby, the XDJ-R1 All-in-One Wireless Performance DJ system.

Pioneer has really thought of everything with this product, as users can easily play music through USB options, built-in CD players or external line sources. That's not all, the XDJ-R1 also features a mic-in and booth option as well as the ability to work with laptop music systems. David Arevalo, marketing director of Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics Inc., talked more about the wireless capabilities in a statement.

"Expanding on Pioneer's latest connectivity philosophy, with the XDJ-R1, iPhone and iPad devices can be used as additional control devices so the DJ is free to move around the room he/she is performing in while still having complete control over the music playing," said Arevalo.

The system is set to be released in later June with a $899 price tag.

Does the XDJ-R1 interest you or do you think it takes all of the fun out of DJing?

June 19, 2013NewsComments143 Views