Presidents Day: Leadership Style

February 20, 2012Comments

In honor of Presidents Day we are looking highlighting 5 of the most stylish presidents. But, these leaders aren't from the White House. Instead they are from the entertainment industry where style is a must for any top-level executive.


Sylvia Rhone, former President of Universal Motown Records

Sylvia manages to mix edgy rock star glam with sophistication that demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


Paxton K. Baker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CENTRIC, and President of BET Event Productions

Paxton proves that just because you're a man in a position of power doesn't mean you can't shine like a star.


Jessica Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Univision Cable Networks

A sexy tight red dress on a president? Few people in her position but Jessica could make this appropriate.


Dr. Ruth J. Simmons, President of Brown University

Dr. Ruth's air of class has just as much to do with her regal sense of style as it does her noteworthy accomplishments.


Lisa Price, Founder and President of Carol's Daughter

Lisa manages to look stylish and approachable like an everyday woman but of course, with a much larger checking account.

February 20, 2012Comments