Pretty Ricky’s, “Baby Blue” Denies Rumors

January 21, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. This morning several outlets including one of our favorites, reported the rumor that Baby Blue of R&B group, Pretty Ricky is a deadbeat dad. In the report actor Duane Martin who is married to actress Tisha Campbell-Martin supposedly sent around a letter stating that the singer impregnated his wife’s younger sister, Tiara. In the letter Duane allegedly states that Baby Blue has not returned calls to Tiara, claims he is not the father and that Tiara is now in a deep depression because of the alleged abandonment.


Baby Blue is now the first outlet to get Baby Blue’s official response to the rumor.

On whether or not he is the father:

“I don’t know if the child is mine. We had protected sex. If I am the father I will take care of my child. I have a great father and I will take responsibility. We got a day camp called Blue Star Learning Center and kids are welcome. If I had the opportunity to father a child I would love it. The whole family would father that child. We don’t do deadbeat dad stuff around here.”

On his last communication with Tiara:

“Yesterday she called and said she was in Miami to get an abortion. I live in Miami so why wouldn’t you come by me?”

On the nature of his relationship with Tiara:

“It was one of those situations where it was not a relationship. We were two young people who had sex.”

On why he thinks the allegations are being made against him:

“Uhm, that’s the life of a celebrity. I don’t have time to actually be on the phone holding conversations like that. I’m in the studio. I’m sure maybe she wants attention or something. I mean to be honest I think the whole thing is just a rumor.”

On whether or not he will take a paternity test:

“Of course. I don’t know if it is true. So I’ll take a paternity test and take care of my child. I don’t like the press saying I’m a deadbeat dad and somebody saying that they pregnant. Five months is big right there and she should be showing by now.

Where is the proof at? How can I be a deadbeat dad of an unborn child?”


Members of the press please be professional and credit Souleo/ if they use ANY information contained in this article.

January 21, 2010NewsComments