Prince Michael Jackson gets TV gig

February 22, 2013NewsComments256 Views
Prince Michael Jackson gets TV gig

During his lifetime, Michael Jackson tried very hard to shield his three children from the public eye. Now, four years after his death, his kids are opting to embrace the entertainment world. Most recently, his eldest son, Prince Michael Jackson, has signed on to act as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

The Los Angeles Times reports Jackson's first assignment was to cover the red carpet of "Oz the Great and Powerful."  Jackson's mentor, host Brooke Anderson, told the Times the teen was a natural on set and that she felt a deep connection to him after their first meeting.

"He really did not need that much coaching," Anderson told the publication. "This may sound strange because he's 16, but he was very smooth and confident."

Anderson also spoke with People magazine, telling the news source she though having Jackson start out interviewing the cast of "Oz" would be perfect because he was already a fan of "The Wizard of Oz."

Jackson's interview with the cast will air on Entertainment Tonight this week. 

Do you think reporting is a good outlet for Prince Jackson? How do you think his father would feel about him being in the spotlight? 

February 22, 2013NewsComments256 Views