Publik Trust Taps Drumma Boy For Summer 2014 Collection

June 12, 2014NewsComments258 Views

Mens streetwear designer Publik Trust is launching its Summer 2014 line and producer Drumma Boy is the face of the campaign. The producer responsible for hits such as Waka Flocka’s “No Hands” and Young Jeezy’s “Put On” is excited about this collaboration.

“I’m pleased to be a part of this dope new brand, Publik Trust. I’ve always been into fashion heavily and a big fan overall, but to have a brand want me as its face is a dream come true,” said the superstar beatmaker.

Drumma Boy spoke on specific items from the Publik Trust line. Check out Publik Trust on JimmyJazz.com!

On the “Faux” Tee:

“This tee is one of my favorite from the collection. Black and gold is definitely the best color combination."

On the “All World” Tee:

“Another one of my personal favorites from the Publik Trust collection. The artistic design over the shoulder areas really turns a tee into a signature tee!”

On the “Eden” Tee:

“This tee has a clean and fresh look. I love that the elephant is Publik Trust’s brand symbol. It represents strength, longevity and good luck.”

On the “Carnival” Tee:

“I love the striking and vibrant clash of red on black with this tee, the traditional imagery of the samba dancer mixed with the crazy text. It’s Brazil reimagined!”Publik Trust Taps Drumma Boy For Summer 2014 Collection."


June 12, 2014NewsComments258 Views