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By Souleo Music is no longer just about the right image, lyric, melody and production. In today's game you've also got to have the business savvy mindset to make an impact. Within the span of six short years since rising to prominence in 2004 with the hit single "Locked Up," Akon has proven to be one of the top masters in the game. Not only has he managed to establish a catalogue of hits ("Smack That," "I Wanna Love You") but he's made himself an empire with his own record label, Kon Live Distribution, endless production credits, non-profit efforts, and oh, yeah he's partially responsible for bringing Lady Gaga to the forefront of the music industry.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of his new album, Stadium Akon partnered with JimmyJazz.com and Souleo Enterprises, LLC for The Takeover. Check in all this week for exclusive coverage of Akon where he talks how he's been saved from some of life's major pitfalls, his personal journey of empowerment, and his raw opinion on everything from celebrities calling themselves the next Michael Jackson to the murder trial of his deceased artist, Dolla.

Akon starts opening up with our staple, The Questions where we learned what he likes hot and sweaty, what he still hasn't forgiven himself for in life, how to get on his bad side and more.

The one thing in my home to remind me of Senegal is...a wooden goat head mask.

The one habit I have from childhood that I've yet to outgrow is...blowing kisses at women.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way...don't be so quick to sign anything.

I get cranky when...the weather is bad-cloudy or rainy.

My own remedy for when I'm sick is...to just sweat. I always find some activity whether it's sports or sex.

You would never guess this about me...that I'm a great chef. I'm great with African dishes but I love to cook lasagna.

The one thing that's hard to forgive myself for is...tossing the kid off stage in Poughkeepsie. I think about that everyday.

The one thing I'm still working on in my love life is...resisting temptation.

Sex is always better when...it's hot and sweaty.

The one person I want to collaborate with is...U2.

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November 29, 2010NewsComments112 Views