The Questions: Asjha Jones

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By Souleo Connecticut Sun Veteran and Power Forward Asjha Jones has game on and off the court. On the court her track record includes being the #4 draft pick for the WNBA. Off the court she's in the process of launching a shoe collection this March. The line is catered to women sizes 10.5 to 15, and named Takera, after Jones' middle name. She's a busy woman but made time for JimmyJazz.com to throw the ball in her court with The Questions. Read on as Ashja talks what physical situation made her shy in school, learning from losing, the sport she wishes she could secretly play and more.

In high school I was...very shy. I was 6' 2" since 12-years old and I didn't want people to notice it.

My favorite body part is...my feet. I wear a size 13 and it's given me this passion to produce shoes that fit my feet.


I didn't know my own strength until...I started my shoe line. Before that I didn't think I had the ability to step outside of my comfort zone and create my own business.

The best part of winning is...the pride you have in yourself and that others have in you.


The most valuable loss that I've experienced is...I lost two years in a row in the WNBA finals and prior to that I didn't have experience losing. So that was hard and made me work harder to make myself a better player.


Another sport I wish I were great at is...volleyball. I would be able to jump higher. I'm not a leaper like some players.


One common misconception about WNBA players that I hate is...that we are like boys and don't like to get dressed up and look like women.

One mistake I'll never make twice...listening to other people and not thinking for myself.


When I want to let loose and have fun I...go out with friends and hear music. I'm not a dancer but I like to be with people who are dancing.


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February 16, 2011Comments