The Questions: Bobby V.

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By Souleo It's time to pick the brain of a celebrity and get a sense of who they are beneath the often-blinding glare of bright lights.  So let's delve into the mind of R&B singer, Bobby V. whose promoting his new forthcoming album, Fly on the Wall.  Read on as Bobby talks the side of him you would never think existed, why he wishes he had never taken nude photos, which Jamie Foxx song he almost had the chance to jump on and more.

If you were a fly on my wall you'd be surprised to see...I think a lot of people would be surprised to see how much time I spend with my family and in church.  They always see the videos, the cars and the girls and that's what they expect.


Going to church has helped me deal with...the stress and politics of the music industry.


My biggest distraction is...a big booty and a smile.


I should never have....taken those pictures that leaked of me and them girls.  I got negative publicity from that.


The song I should never have passed on recording...I heard it wasn't really for me but I heard "Blame it on the Alcohol" early before Jamie Foxx did it.  I should have jumped on that one.


I get emotional when...I don't get my just due.


I'll never be the kind of man to...disrespect women.


Nothing gets me more excited than...a number one record.


I'm a stronger person today thanks to....Jesus Christ.


I'm most concerned about this world issue...the economy.


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December 8, 2010NewsComments