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By Souleo. When you think of the WNBA, one name stands out above the rest: Cappie Pondexter. For the past five years Cappie Pondexter has been a WNBA All Star and she is regarded as a sports fashion icon with her new image consulting and personal styling firm, 4 Season Style Management.


Over the course of this entire week on the JimmyJazz.com lifestyle section, Cappie is taking over our site. She is taking us on and off the court with entertaining features such as her top looks for the fall season, her personal blog entry on the stereotypes surrounding female sports figures, her evolution as a woman, along with a contest powered by the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance (E4EA) and more.

To get the game started Cappie answered a few of The Questions. Check it out to get to know Cappie as she talks her pregame ritual, what you have to do to get her heart, challenging President Obama, the one dangerous driving mistake she will never do again, why she loves the Olsen twins and more.


The one thing that gave me a tough skin in life is...growing up playing basketball in Chicago.


When I'm on the court I...only think about one thing and that's winning.


My pregame ritual is...taking a two hour nap, waking up showering and listening to gospel music to clear my mind.


My ideal mate is someone who...shares the same interests as me such as basketball, chilling around the house and fashion.


I can't believe...I finished second place in regular season.


The one character flaw I'm working on is...my attitude.


The one celebrity I want to play ball with is...our President Obama.


Growing up I always felt...that I was going to be a professional basketball player.


The one mistake I'll never do again is...drive while I'm tired.


I wasn't always this...fashionable. I was such a tomboy growing up. So my look has definitely changed over the years.


School made me...a great person on and off the court.


My style is inspired the most by...the Olsen twins. I really love them.


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September 7, 2010NewsComments847 Views