The Questions: David Banner

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By Souleo. If Grammy Award-winning recording artist/producer, David Banner has his way we will soon be asking where did all the pop stars go.  Known for his lyrical wit, high energy and skilled production credits (T.I.'s "Rubberband Man") David has teamed up with fellow hip-hop heavyweight producer, 9th Wonder (Little Brother, Jay-Z, Beyonce) for the collaborative album Death of a Pop Star. The thought provoking collection is a look at the state of the music industry and the devaluing of music driven by a lack of substance.


It's a hot topic but David is not one to bite his tongue.  Yesterday he gave us his tips on style for big and tall men and today he talked his love for Burberry, never thinking he'd make it this far in the industry, his thick pleasure tool and more.

Stop the hype: The beef against south music.


I wish I could: I want to be invisible so I could sneak into my favorite actress' room and watch her get dressed.


Currently crazy about: God of War III.

Favorite brand/designer: Burberry because they are the only top line of clothes that make clothing for big men.  Even when I lose weight and I'm in shape I'm very muscular.  So it's hard to find shirts that fit my shoulder width and arms.


Five years from now: I want to own a professional basketball team in Mississippi.


When I was younger: I would have never dreamed I'd be doing the stuff that I am doing now from acting in movies to producing Gatorade commercials.  That's what I mean by the power of God.  There is no losing for me anymore even if nothing else happens for me again but I know it will.


If I were the opposite sex: I would probably be attracted to me.


One thing that makes me a good lover: Width and girth.



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June 3, 2010NewsComments111 Views