The Questions: Diamond

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By Souleo. From the moment she spit a verse, former Crime Mob member, Diamond sparkled with confidence, sass and sex appeal. Now she returns to the scene as a solo artist with a forthcoming album on Jive/Battery Records. Diamond let JimmyJazz.com into her world as she talked the need to stop hyping new artists, how she puts it on a man, the joy of realizing her dreams and more.



Stop the hype: The hypeness when new artists come out with a new record and they already put the stamp of approval before they prove themselves. Just because they came up with a hot record don't mean they can come up with another hot record or album.


I can't get enough of: Sci-fi movies.


I wish I could: Be in a sci-fi movie.

If I was your woman: You wouldn't let me out your sight because I'm a hands-on type of person and cater to my mate. I'll have you so messed up to the point you can't function by yourself 'because you used to me handling everything for you. You won't want someone else benefitting from my loving.

You'd be surprised to know: I love to cook.

I dance in my underwear to: Ciara's "Ride." I can do the move a little bit.


When I was younger: I had dreams of doing what I'm doing now. I'm not all the way there yet so to be on this track is amazing.


Never say never to: My music.


When I'm in bed at night: I talk to God about not worrying and for reassurance that things will go the way it needs to go.


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July 20, 2010Comments122 Views