The Questions: Donell Jones

September 27, 2010NewsComments116 Views

By Souleo. In R&B, sometimes it takes a veteran to remind the world of what a love song is supposed to do: transport you with one note, melody or lyric into your innermost emotions. For over 10 years singer-songwriter, Donell Jones has transported listeners and reminded us time and time again of what real love sounds like.


To celebrate the release of his new album, Lyrics, JimmyJazz.com is showing the love back with a full "takeover" week dedicated to Donell. During this week you'll get to explore Donell's wild side, his hard lessons learned in love, his stylEvolution, survival tales and more.


As always, we are kicking the series off with The Questions where Donell's answers reveal his "insane" side, transition into monogamy, tendency to have sex on the brain and more.

You'd be surprised to know...that I'm insane. I'm a Gemini so I'm a Gemini to the fullest.

The best advice I ever received...is to be original.

Never say never to...love.

The one thing about love I wish I knew earlier in life...not to be a heart breaker.

If one of my daughters wanted to date an R&B singer I'd say...hell no!

I became a better man when...I realized it's okay to have one woman.

The one word or phrase that best describes me...humble.

A perfect day for me is...sitting in front of a piano making music.

This is where I go for peace...my bedroom.

The one mistake I repeated twice in my life is...drinking.

I stopped trying to please others and be myself when

My biggest physical transformation...I'm a little heavy now so that's my biggest transformation. I'm fat.

When I'm alone I typically think about...sex.


September 27, 2010NewsComments116 Views