The Questions: Juvenile

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By Souleo. The ladies love the booty-shaking anthems of Juvenile and he apparently loves sticking his foot in their mouths.  Well not exactly, but that's what happened during one of Juvenile's most memorable live shows.  While promoting his forthcoming release Beast Mode, Juvenile gave Jimmy Jazz all the details in this installment of The Questions.


Stop the hype: Stop worrying about who runs rap and how rap should be; let everybody be.


I can't get enough of: Doing shows.  I had an incident where I fell off stage one time and the tip of my shoe went in this girl's mouth.  She held me up.  I would have broke my neck if that girl wasn't standing there.  She didn't need surgery and that was the crazy part.  She only had dirt and a cut on her tongue.  I gave her some CD's and about $400 and took her backstage to meet everybody.  That was crazy!


I wish I could: Fly a plane.  I would fly all over.


Favorite designer/brand: I'm a Ralph Lauren man.  I wore Polo's when I was younger.  Polo is clean cut and contemporary.


You'd be surprised to know: How many people told me they grew up to 400 Degreez.  It makes me feel great that everybody got a story to that album.


I dance in my underwear to: I don't know how to dance.  When I try to dance I do it to slow music like some Al Green.


When I was younger: I was a stud.


I'll never say never to: Money.


When I'm in bed at night: I like to crack my toes.



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June 17, 2010NewsComments201 Views