The Questions: Lyfe Jennings

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By Souleo. With songs like "S.E.X." and his latest controversial hit, "Statistics," Lyfe Jennings is better known for speaking on social issues rather than for dancing in his underwear to cartoons.  But the latter is exactly what he revealed along with a few other interesting items in this edition of The Questions.


Stop the hype: People will be mad at me for this but video games.  You can't play that all day.  Stop it!  There are people and places and other things to see.

I can't get enough of: "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)," by Alicia Keys.  I play that over and over.


I wish I could: Save the world.


Favorite designer/brand: Dolce & Gabbana.  Their stuff fits well and you won't find sagging jeans.  They pay attention to detail for men in a world where women's clothes rule everything.


You'd be surprised to know: I'm a funny guy and not always serious even though the music portrays me as being very serious.  Also, I love sitting on front porches.


I dance in my underwear to: Whatever cartoon is on TV.  My kids love cartoons and we dance in our underwear.


If I were the opposite sex: I would go to the doctor.  If I woke up a female then something is wrong.

I'll never say never to: Love.



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July 1, 2010NewsComments179 Views