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By Souleo. Rarely is an actor gifted with as many talents and facets as Malik YobaMalik has proven to be one of Hollywood's best actors from his classic role on the hit TV show "New York Undercover" to his leading role in the Tyler Perry films, "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?"  But the accomplishments don't end there.  Malik is a veteran producer, writer and all-around entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of work.

One of his crowning achievements is the highly successful BET web series, "Shop Talk."  Malik stars, writes, co-directs and produces the series which focuses on life lessons and provocative topics with a colorful crew of outspoken new cats, young guys, and business-savvy young ladies.  Although scripted, the characters pull from each actor's lifelong experiences, often going off-script for candid and inspired real talk.

JimmyJazz.com recently got Malik off script as he talked why "swagger" is overrated, his joy in representing the urban community, menstrual cramps (uhm, yeah) and more.

Stop the hype: Use of the word swagger.

I wish I could: Live to see my children be senior citizens.

Currently crazy about: All the wonderful opportunities I'm receiving after over a decade of working hard to convince corporate America of my relevance and the opportunities in our community.

Favorite brand or designer: I'm all over Tom Ford's Black Orchid cologne.

I dance in my underwear to: "The Naked Song."

Five years from now: I'll be five years wiser.

If I were the opposite sex: I would find a cure for menstrual cramps.

The one that makes me a good lover: Compassion.

When I'm alone in bed at night: I do things I should only do alone in bed at night.


Follow Malik on Twitter: @MalikYoba

For more information please visit: http://shoptalk.bet.com/


Check out the most recent webisode of "Shop Talk" here entitled "Manhood: The Never-Ending Discussion":

June 8, 2010NewsComments