The Questions: Mannie Fresh

May 17, 2010NewsComments206 Views

By Souleo. Sure, you know Mannie Fresh for his sharp production skills with Cash Money Records, Grammy nomination and over 23 million records sold.  But we bet you didn't know that he shops at Walmart, would drive a Honda Civic or shies away from the bling scene.  Are you just as surprised as we are?  Well, read on for more as Mannie tackles "the questions," with JimmyJazz.

Stop the hype:  This rich image is so overhyped and they need to kill it.  Artists are pressured to look like a million dollars and I'm like that's so overhyped with all the jewelry and popping bottles.


I can't get enough of:  Drum samples.  Sometimes I take days and days going through old records finding new snares and all that.  If I hear a good snare it still makes me smile.


Currently crazy about:  I got some files of Marvin Gaye's studio sessions.  I can solo his vocals, the bass lines and keyboards.  So I'm going crazy right now.


I wish I could:  I wish I could have got paid for every song that I've done.

Favorite clothing brand:  Walmart.  I buy all their T-shirts with the words on them and slogans.  That's what I rock every summer for $5.00.


You'd be surprised to know:  I'm not about material things.  I'll drive a Honda Civic so that doesn't matter to me.


I dance in my underwear to:  Marvin Gaye acappellas.


Check out tomorrow's post to get acquainted with Mannie's new project, the hip-hop duo, SoleFresh.



May 17, 2010NewsComments206 Views