The Questions: Marques Houston

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By Souleo. After tracing his personal evolution through style, Marques Houston is back with JimmyJazz.com to go under interrogation for a few questions.  Marques couldn't resist revealing his disdain for blog sites, maybe one day doing country music, which super producer he cut hair for and the one thing that makes him a great lover.



Stop the hype: I think blog sites are overhyped because sometimes there is a lot of negative press and for us artists it can be overdone.  All people want to do is blog nowadays and they get this surreal idea that blog sites are true and a lot of them aren't true.


I'm currently crazy about: Technology.  I'm big on the latest televisions and 3D TV's and blu-rays.


I dance in my underwear to: Everything on my iPod.  I put it on and get in the shower and whatever is on there I dance to.


Five years from now: I will hopefully be on my second number one movie at the box office.


I'll never say never to: Music.  It's what drives me and I feel like if somebody asked me to try a country song I wouldn't say never.


You'd be surprised to know: I can be a professional barber if I wanted to.  I cut my own hair and my barber, Maryea taught me how to cut.  I did cut Teddy Riley's hair for his video shoot when he didn't have a barber.  I forgot the name of the video.


I'm a good lover because: I'm very passionate and that's where it starts.  You can be great at anything with passion.

When I'm alone in bed at night: I'm rarely alone but I make sure I say my prayers every night.  I pray abut what's going on for the day and what is on my mind at the time.  I got to have a conversation with God.


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Check out Marques' new single "Pullin' on Her Hair," ft. Rick Ross from his new album, Mattress Music in stores September 14th:


July 15, 2010NewsComments111 Views