The Questions: Shanell

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By Souleo. With her raw lyrics that cut to the core of human emotion, high energy live shows and curvaceous body Shanell may look like the type of woman who will bite your head off for daring to ask the wrong question, but such is not the case. Young Money Entertainment's resident pop/rock/R&B singer-songwriter is actually quite a warm girl at heart with a dream of opening an arts school, a no longer secret Hollywood crush and a thang for herself as revealed in this edition of The Questions.



Stop the hype: The word swag. I hate that word.


I can't get enough of: Apple martinis.


If I were the opposite sex: I'd be infatuated with Shanell.


I dance in my underwear to: Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."


Five years from now: I want a school that is like the TV show "Fame."


If I could change one thing: The fact that you can download music for free.


You'd be surprised to know: I have a crush on Johnny Depp.


When I'm in bed at night: I'm never alone. I always have my dog, Six with me. Ok, that sounds weird.


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August 12, 2010NewsComments221 Views