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By Souleo. When you're flying high from the success of two mega singles it can feel like your life has no gravity. This sensation is real for pop singer, Shontelle who appeared on the scene with the sexy "T-Shirt," an ode to lounging around in her man's clothing. Shontelle returns with her hit ballad, "Impossible," from her sophomore release, No Gravity. This week the Barbados beauty is taking over JimmyJazz.com with exclusive features including her inspiring life triumphs, her nightmare stories, top T-shirt picks to get your mate in the mood for some loving and more.



Allow us to introduce you to Shontelle with The Questions where she talks offending Christina Aguilera fans, learning not to stress life's challenges, what recently drove her to tears, embracing her lengthy legs and more.

I wish I could shout from a roof top...I love you.


The one thing that makes Barbados special to me is...family.


The one time my mouth got me in trouble...I pissed off a whole bunch of Christina [Aguilera] fans, 'cause I said that she lost her mojo on her last album. People got really, really pissed off.


My favorite song I've recorded..."Impossible," because it's so powerful and I'm really excited its gone platinum.


It has taken me some time to learn...everything happens for a reason and that sometimes the bad things in life happen so you can see the good ones. So I've learned not to sweat the small stuff anymore.


Shontelle in love becomes...mushy. I'm really a romantic. I love giving and getting a lot of attention.


Shontelle when out of love is...craving love.


I feel helpless when....there is stuff going on that you can't change especially if I have to sit there and watch someone is bullied. I just hate seeing bad things happen to people.


The last time I cried was...a couple of nights ago because I was thinking about my family and how much I miss them in Barbados. I really don't know the next time I'll get to go home.


I finally got to know me when...I was making this album. I feel like I have never been this sure of myself and this confident in myself, like I really knew myself until now. I feel really secure right now.


The one thing I really look forward to is...winning a Grammy in 2011. It may happen or it may not, but that would be something that I would really look forward too.


My favorite body part is...my legs. I used to hate them because they're so long and I don't have calves. Now I feel like it's my best asset.


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October 12, 2010NewsComments