The Questions: Talib Kweli

January 27, 2011NewsComments105 Views

By Souleo Yesterday, we launched a $500 shopping spree with Talbi Kweli as part of his Takeover but shouldn't you know a little bit more about the man you may be selecting clothes with next week? There is no better way to get to know an artist as quickly as with The Questions. Talib hit the interrogation room and revealed how he's his own worst enemy, his tendency to come off as arrogant, the best part of marriage and more.


Talib means...the seeker or student.


I am presently seeking the meaning of...my creative potential.


I became a man when I...left school to pursue my career.


My biggest challenge to overcome in life has been... Myself. Self-doubt.


The worst job I had to take just to "Get By" was...a "Boiler Room" style stock exchange job.


The best part of marriage is...having a partner.


The most underrated lyricist of all time...so far is Black Thought from the Roots.


The hardest truth I've had to admit... I can come off as arrogant when I'm trying to be straightforward.


Talib's new album Gutter Rainbows, is available now. Purchase the deluxe version of Gutter Rainbows on iTunes


January 27, 2011NewsComments105 Views