The Questions: Trina

April 21, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. The baddest-shut your mouth-is back!  As Trina promoted her upcoming release, Amazin' she spoke to JimmyJazz.com to answer the questions: our new feature which puts your favorite celeb's on the spot to reveal some intimate details.  Read below for Trina's thoughts on male rappers, her need for sweets, why she's a "Naughty Girl," and more.


Stop the hype: Guys are most overrated and it overshadows the females in the hip-hop game.  We don't get the respect we deserve.  I work just as hard as the guys but when there are 5 males and one female then nobody cares.


I can't get enough: Sweets.  I love cupcakes and sugary stuff like red velvet cake.  I like all the sweets that you're not supposed to pig out on.


Currently crazy about: My man.


I wish I could: I want to be Wonder Woman.  I would raise the invisible plane and keep guys in check when they ain't acting right.  I'd also have super women behind me.

Favorite designers: Roberto Cavalli, Versace and The Blonds.


You'd be surprised to know: I'm actually really funny.  I like to have fun and laugh and do silly goofy stuff.


I dance in my underwear to: Beyonce's "Naughty Girl."


The one thing that makes me a good lover: I'm very submissive.


April 21, 2010NewsComments