The Questions: Wacka Flocka

September 21, 2010NewsComments180 Views

By Souleo. There are those known for their wise words, insightful comments and inspirational messages. Then there are the Wacka Flocka's of the world. Wacka Flocka has been known to make a few uhm, questionable remarks ever since he appeared on the scene with his hit "O Let's Do It." While promoting his forthcoming album, Flockaveli we put him to the test to see just how well he could answer our questions. Read on to find out the criticism that hurts him the most, why he wants to start changing up his urban clothing style, the only thing that can make him cut off his locks and more.

When I'm Bored I...grab the lab top, get a beat and just start writing a song.


If I were not rapping, I would...be in the NBA.


I need a girl who...could cook, clean and be independent.


In the morning I...jump on the PS3.

The one criticism about me that hurts the most is...people say I promote violence.


The one criticism I agree with the most is...about wearing certain colors. People say they like seeing me in different styles of my dress code and how I present myself. So I think I just want to work on that a lot.


I'm still trying to find the meaning of...true, humble, down to earth friends.


The main thing I learned from my mama is...always be real and a give a person an opportunity.


The only way I would cut off my hair is if...I caught cancer.


You'd be surprised to know...that Wacka Flocka is a good person and he always gives back.


The biggest misconception about me is...a lot of people think I'm arrogant, negative, and evil spirited. That ain't even me.

The one thing you can do without when it comes to the hood is...snitches.




September 21, 2010NewsComments180 Views